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Our AI-powered super app simplifies investment decision making for retail investors by providing accurate, actionable, and credible real-time investment insights for stocks and cryptocurrencies.

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Reliable insights and signals for a clear market picture.


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Workflow of AI and big data for accurate investment insights

We are leveraging AI models that have been trained over 10 years of financial data, thus making them highly accurate, being used by the very likes of IBM, Jefferies etc.

What do we offer

Effortlessly invest using OnFinance's AI-powered tools, insights, and resources

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What our users say

“Improved Investment Decisions with Accurate Data and Market Insights”

I've been using OnFinance app for a while now and it's seriously helped me make better investment decisions. The information it provides is super accurate and covers both crypto and stock markets.

Saurabh Kumar

“A game changer”

Seriously a game changer. I have been investing in stocks for over a year now but investing was never this easy. The market movement feature is amazing. It has saved me many a times from making hasty decisions.

Rahul Vishwakarma

“Easy Investments with Personalised Alerts”

Very helpful app, saves a lot of time. After integrating my portfolio from Zerodha, I am getting personalised recommendations which are very helpful.

Harsh Vijay Singh
Advocate, Lucknow High Court

“Saves Time with AI Insights”

Its really a financial super app. Earlier I used to spend hours to make my investment decisions but with this app the time has reduced considerably due to its AI Insights.

Utkarsh Garg

“Convenient and Concise. ”

App is quite good if you want to track for latest news related to stocks and crypto. They have consolidated all required fields which I believe is a unique feature compared to other apps available in the market.

Shubham Srivastava

“Excellent app”

The app is just amazing. UI is seamless. Great job on getting so many different aspects of investing on one platform!! 🔥

Sanidhya Saxena